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Our team has experience transcribing keynote speakers and general sessions from COMDEX computer conferences; transcripts of sessions from the Democratic Institute First International Forum held in Yemen; witness and emergency response team interviews for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, as well as ongoing transcripts of Immigration hearings and detention reviews, Real Estate Council hearings, License Tribunal hearings, Canadian Human Rights Tribunal; the list goes on.

Sensitive information shared among employees is kept to an absolute minimum, with only those assigned to complete or proofread the transcript allowed access to information.

We have built our reputation on the quality of our work.

Our Transcriptionists

All of our typists have a minimum of ten years of transcription experience, some with as many as 25 years of experience. They have all been loyal to XL Transcribing for a minimum of nine years, some as long as 22 years and all have typing speeds in excess of 90 words per minutes with excellent grammar and proofreading skills.

The Quality Assurance Team

Once the transcript has been prepared by one of our skilled transcriptionists, it will be carefully spell checked and proofread by one of our qualified Quality Assurance Team members with careful attention paid to the correct file numbers, dates, spelling of names and correct formatting. 

Our Quality Assurance Team is also responsible for performing regular audits of the transcripts to ensure consistent accuracy of legal references, formatting and vocabulary.

Account Managers

All transcripts are proofread for a final time by an Account Manager, ensuring there are no omissions or incorrect formatting, that the transcripts are duly signed and the original digital media is attached to the transcript.l references, formatting and vocabulary.

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